DEM Productions is committed to funding and supporting as wide a range of performance projects as possible, favouring independent and original pieces of any size.​ Go to our Productions page to see what we have supported in the past. Every production DEM has supported has made a profit.


If you are seeking funding for a project, please send us an email  with a bid containing statements from the director, producer and designer (or equivalents), and a budget, preferably in the OUDS format. [Please use this format if you are bidding for a show at the Oxford Playhouse].

We aim to respond to your funding application as quickly as possible, and it is likely that we will offer some advice or suggestions for your project.


As we have a wealth of experience in producing plays of all sorts, we are very happy to offer advice, primarily on budgeting, but also potentially on any areas of production (for which we can refer you to a number of contacts). We can also make suggestions to improve your bid and how best to apply for other sources of funding, so it is advisable to apply to us before seeking funding from other bodies.


DEM is also happy to offer a number of limited services, such as web-hosting, bank account hosting and printing discounts, to those who apply to us for funding. Email us for further information.